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We, the company Zoller & Fröhlich GmbH, take the protection of your
personal data very seriously and abide strictly by the rules of the data protection legislation. On this website, personal data is collected only
to the extent as technically required. By no means will the data be sold
or disclosed to third parties for other reasons.

The following statement provides you with an overview of how we gua-
rantee this protection and which data are collected and the purpose for
doing so.

Collection and processing of http protocol data

In every event of a visit to our website and of a download of a file our
web server collects protocol information on such processes. Such data
are non-personal. We are therefore unable to allocate the collected
data to a specific individual.

In detail, the following data are collected:

  • IP address of the accessing system
  • Date and time of the download
  • Names of the downloaded files
  • Information on whether or not the download was successful
  • Operating system used
  • Browser type
  • Our websites you visit

We will analyse any and all of such data for statistical purposes only.
There will be no disclosure to third parties. Such data are not combin-
ed with other data sources but rather deleted after a statistical analysis.

Use of personal data

We will collect personal data only if and to the extent in which you make
them available to us knowingly, such as in input screens. In particular,
any use of your personal data for purposes of advertisement and market research as well as for organising our services to meet demand will only
occur subject to your express approval in this regard.

You may withdraw any approvals granted at any time at the following

Zoller + Fröhlich GmbH
Simoniusstrasse 22
88239 Wangen im Allgäu

Final information on the processing purposes is provided at the rele-
vant points of our websites. There will be no subsequent alteration
of the processing purposes.

Any disclosure of data to third parties without your approval will only
occur where we are compelled by law to do so.


If you wish to receive the newsletter offered on the website we require
a valid e-mail address of yours as well as information allowing us to veri-
fy whether or not you are the owner of the indicated e-mail address and/
or whether or not the relevant owner agrees to receiving the newsletter. Additional data we need for sending the newsletter are marked with an *.
You may cancel your approval for saving the data, the e-mail address as
well as its use for sending the newsletter at any time.

Information right / cancellation right

You are entitled at any time to obtain information on your personal data
saved, its origin and recipient, as well as the purpose for saving and pro-
cessing them. Information on the data is provided by the privacy officer,
Ms Dipl. Wi. Jur. (FH) Juliane Jaeggle at the following e-mail address:

Any saved personal data will be deleted whenever you withdraw your
approval for saving them or if they are no longer required for serving the
purpose pursued with such saving or if saving them is not permitted for
other legal reasons. Withdrawal of the approval is only possible for con-
tents with a directly personal relation.

We appreciate your trust very much. For this reason we are willing to
answer any of your questions regarding the processing of your perso-
nal data at any time. If you have any questions which have not been
answered in this privacy statement or if you need in-depth information
on any issue, please contact the privacy officer, Ms Dipl. Wi. Jur. (FH)
Juliane Jaeggle at any time at the following e-mail address:

External links

On our websites we use links to external websites which are specially
identified and the contents of which are not deposited on our server.
The external contents of such links were checked when the links were established. It cannot be ruled out, however, that the contents have
been modified subsequently by the respective providers. If you should
find out that the contents of external providers infringe applicable law,
please let us know.

This privacy statement only applies to contents on our servers.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, the free web analyse tool of Google
helping website owners to analyse the interaction of visitors with their
website. Google Analytics collects the information on an anonymous
basis and the website trends do not include any data on the individual
visitors. Google Analytics uses an own cookie to track visitor interactions.
In such cookies information such as the time of the visit is saved as well
as information on whether it was the first visit of a user and data on the website referring the user to the relevant website. Users of Google Ana-
lytics are made available various reports on the interaction of visitors with
their website. Based on such reports, they can optimise their website and
the access options of the users. For each website a specific set of cookies
is used and the collection of the visitor information is not made on a cross-website basis. Analytics customers are under the obligation to inform visi-
tors of the use of the Analytics software. Some browsers provide the option
of admitting or rejecting such type of cookies on a case-by-case basis. Then
in such browsers the notice pops up when a cookie is sent enabling you to make a choice. If required, you can not only reject cookies, but also install
the Google add-on for the deactivation of Google Analytics in your browser.
This prevents Google Analytics from collecting information on your website visits.

More information on the browser add-on for the deactivation of Google Analytics and the privacy policy in Google Analytics



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