Example of a railtrack

In rail applications, Z+F 2D laser scanners are not only used for rail track surveying but also for capturing objects alongside the track like buildings, tunnels, bridges or other objects which might cause a potential danger for rail traffic.

The high resolution surveying of objects like station platforms or tunnels is necessary for clearance analysis or analysing tunnel walls. When carrying oversized loads a preflight can be performed to detect narrow points.

Due to the high measurement rate and the high rotation speed Z+F measurement systems are highly suitable for rail applications. Therefore, very short distances between profiles can be realised. The Z+F PROFILER® 9012’s rotation speed for example is 200 rps.

For special requirements Zoller + Fröhlich always offers customized solutions like the Z+F PROFILER® 6007 duo.

For more information, please read more about the mobile mapping project which was carried out in the New York Subway.


For more information please read the following case studies:

Scanning the “Windbergbahn” in Dresden with the IGI RailMapper®, based on the Z+F PROFILER® 9012

Deformation Analysis Highway Tunnel “Norra Länken” Stockholm, Sweden





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