Due to our principles of innovation, on time delivery and superior
quality, Zoller + Fröhlich has become well-known worldwide.
Visionary ideas combined with down-to-earth expertise are the
cornerstones of success for Z+F.

As an electro-technical company our endeavor from the beginning
has been to encourage innovation, develop new products and to
bring creative solutions to fruition. Innovative markets need creative
products; in fact the way to the top is often unconventional.

Beside courage and strength to implement ideas, a solid
foundation is also very important. Ambitious goals can only be achieved
with a wealth of experience and creative minds to leave the common
track. These goals are shared by all of our employees, and together
they enable the emergence of innovative concepts.




October 16-18, in Frankfurt

Spar 3D Expo & Conference


June 5-7, 2018 | Anaheim California

Geo Business


22nd & 23rd May, London/UK

Develop 3D live


20th March, Warwick