The term blue workflow® describes a series of optimized work steps in surveying and processing data. The focus is on flexibility, data security and efficiency. With the Z+F LaserControl® Scout and the laser scanners Z+F IMAGER® 5010X and 5016, point clouds can already be registered, checked, edited and evaluated in the field. The freed capacities may be used for other tasks. In addition, the user recognizes problems at an early stage and can intervene directly in the field. Especially the real-time registration, by Z+F LaserControl® Scout helps to save valuable time and keep a good project overview.

All these steps are possible on site with the blue workflow®:

  • Automatic registration
  • Check data quality
  • Check target quality
  • Find & fill gaps with more scans

Multi-Scanner Feature
The blue workflow® will further be enhanced by using multiple scanners in parallel, working on the same project. So far, users had to do one project per scanner, register in the field, but merge the individual projects of each scanner back home in the office. With the multi-scanner approach, all scanners work on the same project file and the tablet is used to synchronize the projects between multiple scanners. There are two main workflows available:

Single Tablet Mode
Imagine there are two scanning teams and a project coordinator on site. Each team operates their own scanner. The project coordinator has a tablet and stays with team A for a while, downloads their scans, checks the registration and synchronizes the results back to the scanner of team A. Then the coordinator joins team B and downloads their scans, which they collected in the meantime, and joins those scans with the data of team A, checks the registration and synchronizes the results back to scanner B. Now, the registered scan positions of scanner A are also available on scanner B. Then the coordinator moves back to team A and downloads the newly collected scans of scanner A, then B again and so on, back and forth.

Multi Tablet Mode
In another scenario, each team has their own tablet to do the registration while scanning. There is no dedicated coordinator present on site. Every now and then, e.g. during a lunch break or at the end of the working day, the operator of team A quickly connects to the scanner of team B, downloads their data and uploads his own registration to scanner B.


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